The world of wine, spicy cuisine, college life, and skin care

June 23, 2021 Off By admin

No one wants to be a wine snob. But if you’re like millions of wine lovers, you like wine, a lot. And you want to increase not only your appreciation for the “Nectar of the gods”…but you may also want to know how to tell a good wine from a bad, and equally important know to find a great wine at a great price.’s James Bagley will spread the good news. Like SouthWestern Cuisine but need a great easy way to prepare these special dishes to add great flavor and taste? Join Chef Chris Paul as he whips-up a masterpiece of fine New Mexico Chile inspired dishes. If you’re a college grad, you want to remember your Alma Mater…and better yet, you will want to participate in all the great activities your Alma Mater provides. Find out more so you don’t miss out! Go Team!!! Lastly, We’re having an open dialogue on the sensitive issue of vaginal dryness. join us a session of “Ask the Doctor” with Dr. Michael Krychman & Dr. Alyssa Dweck.


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