The Therapists' "peculiar mandate" | Irreversible Damage, from a cognitive psych perspective

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This video covers “The Therapists” chapter of Abigail Shrier’s “Irreversible Damage.” In depth. Plus a Zucker paper, which is always fun.

Note from video: given the production cycle timing, I wasn’t able to incorporate some feedback about the “more comfortable presenting as a boy” phrasing. I am sorry if this is an uncomfortable or upsetting phrasing. Less Shrier-y phrasing will be incorporated moving forward.

Link about the Tavistock situation: How is care for trans youth impacted by the Tavistock and Portman ruling? Gender GP.

General stuff
– To avoid the all-over-the-place exposure and focus of the last video, the camera’s running in full manual so I can get the log filming output. But that has its own learning curve, so… yeah. We’re getting there…
– Around the 1 hour mark, I use a radioactive example that didn’t quite fit what I was going for. This, of course, wasn’t noticed until the final video review.

– On filming day, of course, had a pain flare. Apologies that my tone is sometimes a little flat and other subtle tells.
– Citations and whatnot have been moved up top so they are visible during pauses and not obscured by captioning.

Thanks to Eric Sophia from the channel Curio for BTS help –

Plus all the help from Discordians, and commenters sharing stories or giving feedback


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0:00 “Irreversible Damage”
0:55 Intro
9:11 “Gender-affirming care”
12:54 Paper about Gender Identity Disorder in Children, and Zucker’s response to it
28:50 Back to Shrier
33:20 “The therapists”
49:57 “The theory of gender affirmation”
50:16 Claim 1
1:05:47 Claim 2
1:12:07 Claim 3
1:25:13 Claim 4
1:31:50 Conclusions