Test, test, test: COVID-19 and HIV testing updates

April 12, 2021 Off By admin

This webinar was held on 30 April 2020. Speakers include:

WHO updates on COVID-19 testing – Dr Lara Vojnov, Diagnostics Advisor, HIV and Hepatitis Department, WHO

Strategies for HIV testing and initiation of treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic – Dr Rachel Baggaley, Coordinator of HIV testing and prevention, WHO

COVID-19 tests: Innovations available – Dr Cassandra Kelly-Cirino, Director, Emerging Threats, FIND

Lessons learned on testing from South Korea – Dr Jerome Kim, Director General, International Vaccine Institute, Seoul

Lessons learned on testing from Singapore – Dr Benson Yeo Koon Wee, Consultant and Deputy Head, DSC Clinic