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Dealing with a lack of Intimacy or low sex drive in your relationship.

I am an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. My office is a judgement-free zone and a safe space to discuss any relationship. Sex Therapy is a research and evidenced-based, talk-therapy model that is applicable to all religious and/or cultural beliefs, genders including non-binary, all forms of sexuality, as well as monogamous and non-monogamous relationships.

I offer some thoughts in this video on how to deal with feelings of low sex drive which is so common in relationships and it can cause feelings of rejection, shame, resentment and blame. What the video does not cover are all the reasons why someone may describe themselves as having a low sex drive such as trauma, sexual pain, depression, sexuality issues, etc.

Please take a look at this page on my website which describes more fully what sex therapy is and who are the clients that we help:

The process of becoming aroused is a dual process where you are essentially turning on those “on” buttons in your body and brain for sex and turning “off “ those off buttons. I work with clients to develop strategies to minimize the things in their lives that are causing them to hit the “brakes” for sex. We will also discuss the impact of stress and the correlation to sex avoidance, and that when you are stressed, your brain will interpret any sensation, even a positive one, as something to be avoided.

My clients appreciate the blend of sex education and sex therapy from our sessions, and usually find it interesting to learn than half of all adults experience a sexual challenge at some point in their lives. Since I am also trained in Couples Therapy, I can address the whole picture to help a couple understand how sex and intimacy issues may be affecting their greater dynamic. So many people suffer in silence with sexual challenges, when in many cases; relatively short-term sex therapy can restore them to sexual satisfaction as individuals and with their partners

As a sex and couples therapist, I help individuals and partners gain more sexual awareness and connection. In my private practice in Ridgefield, CT, I have clients who come from great distances to discuss sex and intimacy in my confidential setting.

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