Free marriage counseling online: Why Husbands Cheat

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Unfortunately, we live in a sinful world. Wives will cheat. Husbands will cheat. Cheating aka adultery in marriage shouldn’t happen, but it does.

For this video, I want to talk specifically about why husbands cheat. I am not going to go over who I believe cheats more between a wife or a husband. Nor am I going to come from the usual perspective that many people tend to come from when talking about this topic.

The perspective that I am going to come from is a perspective that many people often don’t talk about.

*** The perspective that I want to cover in this video is when a wife fails to meet her Biblical sexual responsibility in marriage, regardless of how good of a husband the man is being.***

Does that justify a husband cheating? No

Do I am to give husbands that cheat argumentative points? No

However, I would be unfair, and untruthful if I did not talk about the many good women, that are wives, that do NOT make sex a priority in their marriage.
And eventually, a husband tends to do one of two things. Sometimes, both of those things are done.

The husband either 1.) shuts down emotionally by becoming distant, or less affectionate. Or 2.) the husband eventually cheats.

This video, in no way, shape, or form is promoting a husband cheating.

This video is in no way, shape, or form intended to tear wives down.

My goal for this video is to teach wives to understand sex from their husband’s point of view, talk thoroughly about why husbands cheat, and to get wive’s to see how they often fail in that responsibility.

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