7 Sexting Secrets to Turn a Man On

April 23, 2021 Off By admin


Learn to turn him on with texting BIG TIME in this video! He will love it when you sext him using these 7 tips.

How do I sext him? How can I turn my boyfriend on with texting? How do I text a guy to turn him on? These are common questions I hear from my students and clients… so I created a video sharing 7 powerful tips you can use to turn him on BIG TIME with texting and take your physical and emotional relationship to another level.

0:00 Intro
1:08 Subscribe
1:43 – 1) Don’t Be Afraid To Initiate Sexting With Him
5:02 – 2) Feel Free To Sext Him At Naughty Times And Places
6:07 – 3) Use Sexting To Learn What He’s “Into”
7:54 – 4) Details = Desire
8:34 – 5) Take Turns Telling a Story
9:59 – 6) Use Audio and Visual Messages to Turn On All His Senses
12:09 – 7) Sexting Emoji 101
14:04 – Recap 7 Sexting Secret
16:25 – Closing Comments

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